Lasso Wine Holder

Regular price Rs. 999.00

Leave your guests speechless with defiance of the laws of gravity! 

- The perfect gift for wine connoisseurs!
- The lasso wine bottle holder fits all standard wine and champagne bottles
- This easy to be mistaken as soft rope can hold a wine bottle by its neck and magically lift it up in midair
- Crafted from chrome iron metal and then covered with rope
- Weighs 500 gms
- Measures 20 x 6 cms
A sight to behold! Our magical Lasso Wine Bottle Holder uses the principal of balance to create this fantastic optical illusion, guaranteed to impress any dinner party guest or visitor! Crafted from chrome iron metal and then covered with the rope, our wondrous bottle holder is suitable for all standard wine bottles and looks great in any kitchen or dining room.
To add to the incredible illusion, the rope has a dangly bit at the end which is not rigid, so you can hang this over the edge of your kitchen counter or table to further baffle your guests! 

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