Mushroom Night Lamp

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Cute little mushroom lamp with LED light!

- A great home decor accessory and a gifting product
- The Mushroom shaped lamp emits light when you plug it in
- Ideal for dim-lighting in corridors, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc
- Creates a light atmosphere
- Lightweight and Portable
- Voltage: 220v
- Wattage: 0.2 watts
- Made of Plastic
- Measures 10 cm
- Package Contents: 1 x Mushroom Night Lamp
- Color sent would be as per availability

A cute little mushroom shaped LED light lamp which turns on after you plug it in! 
It helps lighten the mood and kids will absolutely love this in their room seeing the light coming out of the mushroom lamp. The mushroom light bulbs auto adjust brightness as per the ambience. It helps them divert their mind, lighten the mood, and they won't be afraid of the dark anymore! It comes with a sensor which helps the light turn automatically in darkness. It doesn't work during the day. To check the lamp, just cover it with anything dark during the day, and the lamp will light up (when plugged in).

Note: It's not a charger, it's a little lamp. Color sent would be as per availability. 

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