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Digital writing tablet 8.5"

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Digital slate

  • Digital LCD writing tablet and drawing board
  • Write or draw with the included stylus and erase with a touch of a button
  • The writing tablet is ultra- thin and compact enough to carry during travel
  • Measures 8.5 inches
  • Made of high grade ABS plastic
  • Built in durable battery

The digital 8.5 inch writing tablet can be used for multiple activities like writing, list making, memos, reminders and can also be used by kids for drawing or playing games like tic- tac- toe. You can use the stylus or even a pencil to write. Simply erase the existing content with a push of a button and make the pad ready for new instructions or sketches. The durable plastic can easily withstand the pressure of your wrist while writing. The ultra thin, handy device is ideal for use at home, office or even during travel.

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