Neck Rest Fruit Cushions

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A 'U' Shaped Fruit Design to comfort your neck while you are travelling 

- Thousands of microbeads contour to the exact form of your neck as you lean back in comfort on the plane or in the car.
- It has a comfortable clip for non-sleeping, you can lock your snoozing position in place by using the comfort clip attached to the front of the pillow. 
- It also doubles up as an easy way to snap your pillow to your bag.  
- Extremely comfortable, gives you the extra neck support due to its softness

- The soft memory foam conforms to your neck's shape for amazing support and comfort in cramped quarters.
- Ideal for traveling, camping, driving, a quick nap while at work, when you're on the computer and so on.

- Weighs 160 g

- Measures 30 x30 x12 (L x W x H) 
- Made of: Velvet
- Filling Material: Foam

The Neck Rest Fruit Cushion offers a place for you to rest your head and neck whether at home or during travel. Soft memory foam conforms to the shape of our neck to provide the best support for all the comfort, letting you have a good sleep while sitting on a chair. U-shaped pillow helps to relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders due to prolonged sitting. Front buttons prevent the pillow against moving around. Built-in hook allows you to attach it to the backpack for ease of carrying.

Note: Assorted styles available with options from Orange, Kiwi, Watermelon and lemon. Please send us a note with your preference and we shall get back to you.

Ships in 2 business days.