Seedpaper Bookmarks - Plantable - Set of 2

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A way of giving back to the earth.
  • Once planted, bookmarks grow into a bouquet of sunflowers
  • Size, shape and can be used just like any other bookmarks
  • Grows into real sunflowers
  • Just like any plant, all you need to provide is water and sunshine
  • Contains 2 x bookmarks

These Living Plantable Seed Bookmarks are handmade from recycled, biodegradable fibers and embedded with seeds. When planted they will grow into a lovely bouquet of flowers!

Unbelievable! Read more. 
After you finish your book, remove the ribbon, soak the bookmark thoroughly and then sow 1/8" deep in fine soil. Plant indoors, in a pot or in a garden, where sunshine basks for at least 4 hours a day. With proper care and adequate watering, you will see the seeds bloom into a fragrant bouquet of real flowers.

Sow one reciprocating to the joys of reading your book nourished you with, or gift one to a dear friend or family member over your cherished memories. Or, just give back to the earth what your earth gave you (your book).

Set of 2 bookmarks.

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