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Bluetooth Lantern

Regular price Rs. 1,499.00

A great all-in-one lantern to carry along.
  • Bluetooth lantern, speaker and powerbank, all-in-one
  • Compatible with all smart phones that have bluetooth
  • Can be hung or placed on a flat surface
  • Colour changing lamp
  • FM Radio
  • Large 2000 mAh battery
  • Plays music thru your phone, micro SD card or pen drive
  • Call answer/hang up function
  • 3W LED light

Compatible with all smart phones that have Bluetooth this particular gadget is a helpful phone accessory to carry. It can be connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth connection and you can listen to FM radio or any of your favorite song. It can be used for rehearsal or practicing dance moves when the phone volume doesn’t go higher than what you want, as it amplifies the volume of your music so that you can hear it at higher volume. Get connected wirelessly without the mess of wires.

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