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Lightbeats Bluetooth Speaker

Regular price Rs. 7,299.00

Enlighten your room with light bulbs that play music.

  • 3W amplified speaker that fits into your light bulb socket
  • 3W LED for bright, energy efficient lighting
  • Use your phone or tablet to select and control audio played through the light bulb
  • Switch on the lights and pair your music instantly
  • Standard E27 Edison fitting
  • B22 fitting included

A smart bulb that also plays music. A really clever, space saving and hidden device. Lightbeats can be placed in your lamp, ceiling socket or any other light bulb socket and provide bright energy efficient light, whilst also playing your music wirelessly via Bluetooth. Compatible with phones, tablets, laptops or any other Bluetooth enabled device, you can easily control your music within a 15m distance of the light bulb speaker.

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