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Smart Light

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Switch moods and emotions with sound and light.

  • Multi-color LED Lamp with wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Hands-free calling, LED Light and call answer
  • Plays music from your pen drive
  • One touch to change colour
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Built in battery to carry it around and use it where a plug point is not available
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • 5W power
  • Makes a great gift, one of our best sellers!

Our Smart Light is a wireless Bluetooth Speaker and lamp with therapeutic mood light modes. Keep it on your desk or by your bed as it makes a great all day companion of happiness and other emotions. 

You can play music through your phone or pen drive or memory card. If on your desk, it comes in handy to take conference calls at work or when by your bed. Hands-free calling, volume controls, etc. on the light keep all the functions you need within' easy reach. 

Touch the Smart Light to brighten or dim the lamp. Or press on the panel lightly to adjust colours according to your mood. It's all got an automatic colour changing mode. 

With its built-in battery you can carry it along to a picnic, holiday or place it in any place with a hard to reach plug point. Charges via a universal micro-USB cable.

After all, there is no better emotion switch than music and light.

Ships in 2 business days.

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