Retracting Fast Charge Type Data Cable with C Type

Regular price Rs. 349.00

Universal retractable fast charging cable with type-C.
  • Retractable cable with adjustable length,
  • Fast charge and data sync with high output speed,
  • Multiple USB charging cable cords,
  • Tangle free flat cable with great durability to prevent fraying, wearing and knotting for day-to-day use,
  • An additional protective covers protect the connector from accidental drops and impacts,
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

A new and creative product that will keep your cable from being tangled. You can pull out the cable whenever necessary and it will go back in when not in use, so it avoids all the tangly mess that you have been dealing with. The Type C cable will provide faster-charging means as well as be easy to access as there will be no confusion as to which way the cable should be plugged into any of your devices when you want to charge it and it will easily fit in your handbag.

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