X-Ray Bag

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Get in touch with your inner stuff

- Here's a subversive bag that subtly reveals the real you
- A handy zip-close cosmetic bag

Big enough to carry most if not all of your toiletries
- Made of Durable non-woven plastic fibre
- Measures: L 27 cm, H 15 cm.

Show the world what you're carrying with the Xposed X-Ray Toiletry Bag.  Made to look like your bag is showing up on the X-ray machine at the airport it will look like you're carrying some pretty interesting items. 

The Xposed - X-Ray Bag would probably get you on the news (or worse) if you took it through an airport security check or maybe it would bring a little humor to the screener's day (it won't). Besides bringing one of these cool new durable plastic fiber bags on a plane, you still could walk around town with everyone guessing if you really were carrying a handgun, brass knuckles, a wad of cash and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Actually, it's probably not a good idea to carry this bag anywhere, so just give it as a great gift!

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