Nano Smart Speaker

Regular price Rs. 499.00

Looks like a phone charm, works like a smart box.

  • Smallest bluetooth speaker with handsfree calling
  • With smart anti-lost phone feature and camera remote
  • Delicate and clear sound quality
  • Measures only 28.6 x 28.6 x 28.5 mm

The Nano Smart Speaker is a pocket sized 3 in 1 smart gadget that can act as a camera remote shutter, Bluetooth anti-lost device and Bluetooth speaker. With the Nano Smart Speaker, you won’t forget your smartphone at home or somewhere else, thanks to the sound alarm that the smart box will produce as soon as you’re more than 10 meters away from your smartphone. Thus, you can go back and retrieve your smartphone. Also besides letting you share your favorite music, the multi-functional Bluetooth speaker can be used as a camera remote shutter. So, you can use it to remotely control the camera of your smartphone and click pictures of you or any other subject with a press of button.

It makes a great gift or carry along accessory no matter where you go.

Ships in 2 business days.