Plush Animal Bookmark

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A cuddly buddy who loyally saves where you left off
  • Cutesy 12" bookmarks
  • Saves the last page where you left off
  • Fits most books
  • Plush head and flat body
  • Great for readers or to encourage kids to read
  • Assorted styles available from Fox, Sheep, Cow & Tiger
  • Package Contents: 1 x bookmark

Encourage a love for reading with plush bookmarks - a great way to make reading fun! Each of these adorable stuffed animal bookmarks has a plush head and flat body. Simply insert the body into the book with your plush bookmark pal's head sticking out and he will save your place for you.

This adorable little plush bookmark is great for making reading fun! With a soft white body, white fluffy tail, perky ears, and a sweet face, this fun stuffed animal bookmark is the perfect book companion.

Simply insert the body into your book with the head sticking out and this cute plush bookmark will save your place for you. Plush bookmarks are not only wonderful for occasional giveaways, but are great as everyday "just because" gifts as well. A favorite animal as your favorite bookmark., helps keep reading fun.

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