Magnetic Cloud Key Holder

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Stop the spread, amongst keys. Virus thrives on metal surfaces.

- Keep your keys separate
- Magnetically holds keys
- Holder sticks firmly on flat surfaces
- No need to create a storm looking for your keys
- Keep your keys in place without losing them
- Fluffy white cloud makes an adorable standout beside any door or kitchen
Constructed out of high-quality ABS plastic
- Measures 9.8 cm x 5.6 cm x 3 cm
- Weighs 70 gms

The Magnetic Cloud Key Holder is a straight-forward and minimalist gadget that is both functionally ingenious and stylish. Shaped like an embellished cloud from a child's drawing, the Magnetic Holder can hold a large number of keys thanks to its strong magnet and surface area. In this way, the device does exactly what it's supposed to without having to depend on fancy embellishments or gaudy decoration.

You don't have to use screws or hardware to mount it; the key holder has an adhesive back that allows you to simply press it into place. Instead of awkward hooks for holding keys, the key organizer features powerful magnets. Loose keys and key chains will stay securely against the key holder, but are easy to remove. If you ever need to move the key holder, you don't have to worry, as its adhesive won't damage your walls.

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