Bottle Umbrella

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For the wine lovers

- This unique designed case hides an umbrella inside, just pull out the handle
- Easy folding, waterproof and UV protection
- Ultimate design for the ultimate convenient living .
- Put the wet umbrella in the case, then you can freely put it into your handbag and backpack after using it
- It has a strap for covering handling issues
- It's durable, easy to carry & light weight
- Width 110 cms
- Color sent would be as per availability

The bottle allows you to stow your wet umbrella so you and your belongings remain dry. It is not only a pretty bottle but a pretty umbrella when you open the top of the bottle and pull it out. You can keep the wet umbrella inside the bottle. This is absolutely a nice choice to present it as an interesting gift. 

Ships in 2 business days.