Inverted umbrella - solid color

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Reverse handsfree umbrella
  • Reversible umbrella with C shaped handle
  • Cross the C-shape handle over your arm, making your hands free for holding a baby, bag or mobile if needed
  • Inside-out design prevents water from dripping
  • Double layer and windproof
  • Made from aluminum alloy shaft, water repellent-coated, breathable double layer canopy and smooth dome top
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Color will be sent as per availability

Inverted Umbrella is a double layer umbrella with inside-out design and a C shaped handle for comfort holding and locking. It is also useful to hang carry bags. The inverted umbrella opens and closes in a reverse manner as compared to conventional ones. They are lightweight and easy to carry. You can open and close in confined spaces when entering or exiting a building or car. It is convenient and safer to open and close in crowded places. This anti- dripping umbrella can self stand to dry.

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