Bake Cake Silicone Molder

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Bake cakes in all shapes.

- Cake baking strips to create unique shapes for cakes.
- Connect bake cake silicone molder strips together to create your desired shape.
- Makes over 50 shapes.
- Makes perfect cakes, cupcakes, muffins etc.
- Makes all shapes, alphabets numbers etc.
- Made of safe food grade silicone.
- Pack contains 4 strips
- Each Strip measures: L-19 cms, W- 5.5 cms

The all new bake cake silicone molder is a fun and easy way to make cakes in all shapes. Just connect the strips together, place on a foil lined tray, pour in your mix or batter and watch your cake bake in your desired shape. The strips easily peel from the cake without sticking. You can even create an entire alphabet or a number with a bake cake silicone molder.

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