Car Vent and Keyboard Cleaner

Regular price Rs. 299.00

Keep Dust Away from your keyboard and car vents! 

- Convenient and useful to keep all your stuff clean
- Ideal for car air outlet, instrument panels, seams, window-blinds, keyboard, etc. 
- Cleaning cloth And broom head is detachable & easy to clean.
- Made of Plastic, Micro-Fibre, Cloth microfiber 
- Each part of the duster is removable. The cloth cover and the brush can be easily removed from the gadget, which is easier to wash
- Weighs 31.8 g 
- Measures 17.6 x 3.6 x 2.4 cm 

 It is always so annoying to see dust accumulated in our car air vents and window blinds and it requires a lot of patience to clean it with a wet cloth again and again. Fortunately, we have just the right thing for all the cleanliness freaks! The Car Vent and Keyboard Cleaner is used to remove all those tiny and dirty dust particles stuck inside unreachable places, Specially made to clean computer and laptop keyboards, window-blinds, AC vents.

Ships in 2 business days.