Card Guard

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A Security Guard for your Cards!

- Secure protection for your credit cards/business cards 
- Blocks RFID tags
- Resists water and keeps what's inside safe
- Keeps your wallet from getting bulk from credit cards
- Neatly fits in your pocket, purse, or briefcase
- Keep all of your cards together in one place
- Holds up to 6 cards
- The tear-proof 6 pocket accordion interior neatly organizes cards
- Crafted from high quality aluminium
- Secure-close clasp
- Dimensions: - 2 x 12 x 17.5 cms, weighs 100g

- Made of Plastic & Aluminium
- Package Contents: 1 x card holder
- Available in assorted colors, color sent would be as per availability.

Are you a little perturbed by the fact that someone doesn't even have to steal your wallet anymore to steal your identity? RFID tags are becoming commonplace on public transport and on some credit cards – which is great for convenience, but it's also great for those who'd like to get your personal details! The Card Guard Wallet is like a security guard in your pocket. Made from aluminum, the hard-shell case resists water, keeps your wallet from gaining weight from plastic cards and blocks RFID tags – so the only way they can be read is if you decide to take them out and use them! The Card Guard Wallet also gets you organised with a 6 pocket tear-proof interior to keep your cards and bills in order. With an easy open/close clasp, it's also water, stain and impact resistant. Not only that, it looks great, so you can stay stylish and safe at the same time.

The Card Guard Wallet makes a great gift for someone who's travelling (after all, it's a big wide scary world out there) – or anyone (and everyone should be) who's conscious of their personal detail security. Do you know what it could cost you in time, money and stress if someone stole your details? The Card Guard Wallet is money well spent, to ensure you're the only one spending it!

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