Chopping Board & Towel Rack

Regular price Rs. 799.00

Keep your cutting boards, trays, and towels organized and easily accessible!

- Measures: 24 x 11 x 26 cms
- Made of ABS Plastic
- Firm and Durable
- Easy to install and remove
- It also helps the towels to dry off easily by hanging it 
- Great for placing at kitchen cabinets, cupboards, pantry, or on kitchen counters. 

- Easy to mount, no need to drill and use nails for installation 
- Perfect for cutting boards, kitchen wrap, toiletries, cleaning products, styling tools, and more

The Chopping Board and Towel Rack Holder is very convenient to use, easy to install, and is tough and durable to store your napkins and chopping boards in your kitchen. It can accomodate 2 chopping boards and 2 towels at one time. It helps to save counter space and dry the cutting board and towels quickly.

Ships in 2 business days.