Chopping Board with tray

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Chop with ease!

- Compact space-saver design collapses and folds, easy to store in tight cupboards and limited space.
- Non-slip handles gentle on all surfaces, dishwasher safe. Works right over the sink and prevents a big mess on your counters and floor.
- Removable basket for conveniently putting the cut vegetables into a vessel
- The prep surface leads right to the strainer so you can send scraps directly inside for later disposal.
- Measures 39.6 x 30.5 x 8.1 cms
- Weighs 912 g
- Color would be sent as per availability

This ideal fruits & vegetable cutting board is designed for you to work directly over your sink. The-Sink Cutting Board won't take up any more of your precious counter space, allowing you to fully maximize your kitchen. Simply place the expandable, non-slip arms over your sink and feel confident chopping your fresh produce, without the mess. Easy to use, sturdy plastic chopping board with a removable basket for conveniently putting the cut vegetables in to the vessel. Easy to clean and stack with the other vessels. 

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