Dipping Cone

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French Fry Dipping Cone & Cup.

- Dip and dine on french fries, carrot sticks or finger foods of all kinds.
- Cone with two compartments
- Holds fries, vegetables or bread sticks in one and your dipping sauce in other
- Made of Plastic
- Measures 17 (L) X 10 (W) cms.
- Available in white

The dipping cone makes finger food fun! Comes with 2 slots, one for the fries/ cheese straws/ vegetable sticks and one for the ketchup/ salsa/ pesto or the dip of your choice. It provides a convenient way to serve and display delicious finger foods. 
Load up the cone with veggies, french fries, cheese straws and spoon in your dip. The removable dipping tray makes refill and cleaning easy. It is made of BPA- free plastic and is dishwasher safe.

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