Double UnPlug

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Your keys won't be misplaced ever again!
  • A simple way to keep your keys in place
  • The included socket will be your fixed spot for your keys.
  • The socket can be mounted with 2 screws or glued to the wall/door by 3M sticker
  • Material: ABS (socket) / TPE (plug) - Hard / Soft Plastic
  • Size: Socket: 123 x 80 mm - Plug: 30 x 90 x 13 mm
  • Pack Contents: 2 Key Rings + 1 Key Holder
  • Comes in assorted colors
A double task plug that surely reminds you to unplug before leaving, unplug is dubbed as a chic key ring as well as a useful key holder. It can be attached to the wall of any surface by tape or screw. 

Ships in 2 business days.