Double USB wall charger with timer

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Digital charging
  • Cell phone and digital USB charger with timer
  • Charges your device with 0- 5 hours timer set
  • Adapter start operating as soon as you press power button and automatically shuts down when time is up
  • If you do not wish to use timer setting, simply choose "0" for continuous power supply
  • It is also great for desktop devices such as mini USB fan or LED lights with fixed time set

Charge your device rapidly and safely with 0- 5 hours time set. With fixed time chargers, you can prevent your device from being over charged. The charger plug can be folded to 90 degree which makes it easy to carry. For use, simply press the button and as indicator '0' lights up, it enters into working position. While '1' lights up it indicates 1 hour countdown and as '5' lights up, it indicates 5 hours countdown. Once the device is fully charged the adapter automatically shuts.

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