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Elago AirPods 2 Wireless Silicone Case

Regular price Rs. 999.00

Silicone Case for 2nd Gen AirPods Wireless Case

- This case is designed for Apple AirPods 2 Generation wireless charging case 
- LED Visible from every side
- Anti-slip coating
- Note: AirPods and AirPods Charging Case are not included.

With this case, you see the LED light through a very thin silicone wall that is 0.3mm thin. We chose the idea of a thin wall for the LED to prevent dust and liquid from entering the case. This thin wall is a smooth, see-through wall. The wall is twice as large as the LED indicator size, so you don't have any hassle in aligning the case with the LED Light.

Around the LED indicator, the circle is grooved around the edges. This is for users to check the LED indicator from every angle. Thanks to this large circle, you don’t have to move to see if the LED is on.

There's a special anti-slip coating inside the cap. Please push down completely and adjust the case to make it fit perfectly.

The case is made of flexible, impact-resistant silicone material. This added layer of protection will prevent scratches and buffs up protection from external impacts.

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