Emoji Storage Box

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If you’re looking for something to complete yours or your child’s room, we’ve got the deal for you. So what are you waiting for? Quit stooling

- Get yourself an emoji folding stool that also serves as a storage box.
- Choose from six designs that we all know and love from our phones.
- Covered in lovely soft velvet.
- A great place to store all your stuff!
- Measures 25 x 12 x 12 cm 

Emojis are part and parcel of our lives now, and we couldn’t live without those adorable little faces. But they don’t need to be restricted to our phones anymore! Get yourself one of these 2-in-1 stools and storage boxes and you can bring them into your own home. Take your pick from one of six fun designs and you’ll be all set. Fill up the box with toys and games, take the load off by having a good sit, or remove the lid and fold up the box when it’s not in use. Lovely!

Note: Available in assorted designs, if you have an emoji design preference, please send us a note, and we shall get back to you.

  • Heart-eyes
  • Laughing face
  • Smiling poop
  • Smiling face
  • Wide-eyes
  • Winking face
Ships in 2 business days.