Four letter words

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Creative Paperweight

  • Expressive Desk Accessory
  • Hand-crafted in premium quality rubberwood
  • The Boss Measures Height 6", Length 5", Width 27mm
  • Damn it, Fuck it Measures Height 5", Length 6", Width 27mm
  • Babe, Rock Star, Love and Dude Measures Height 5", Length 5", Width 27mm
  • Weighs 150 gms

This range is all about those Four-Letter Words that we just can’t do without. Inspired by Robert Indiana’s iconic Love sculpture in New York, this range of desk plaques doubles up as extremely expressive paperweights. Hand-crafted in wood and beautifully sculpted, these bold, playful statement pieces are perfect for any desk.

  • Damnit: When you get a flat tyre on the way to the airport; when you drop your brand new phone hours after unboxing it; when you’ve locked yourself out of the house and really need to pee; one expletive rises unbidden to everyone’s lips.


  • Babe: For the girl who makes Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke and Kate Upton look like a ‘6’; for the girl with the laugh that makes your knees go weak; for the girl who can get you tongue-tied with just one look.


  • Dude: For the guy who believes his Harley isn’t just a bike, it’s his child; for the guy who can moonwalk, disco and even moonwalk to disco; for the guy who can take a joke as well as he can make one.


  • F*ck It: When your job list is as long as a novel; when you’re so far behind deadlines that you wished you had a time machine; when your junior takes a week off, days before that massive presentation.


  • Love: The thing that means nothing in tennis but everything in life; that thing guys say to get lucky; the thing that makes you share your dessert even though you really, really don’t wanna.


  • Rockstar: For the colleague who has a black belt in kicking ass; for the friend who’s the greatest wingman since Maverick in Top Gun; for your mom, because...MOM!


  • The Boss: For the Harvey Specter to your Mike Ross; for the one who’s a hardass and a friend rolled into one; for the one who teaches you how to succeed...and how to drink.

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