Garlic Chopper

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Enjoy hassle free chopping

- Easy to use and chops garlic without any mess
- Weighs 115 gms 
- Made of Plastic 
- Green color 
- Dimensions: 6.99 (L) x 6.99 (W) x 6.35 (H) cms 
- Chops and minces garlic faster that before
- Includes a brush for cleaning the storage bin

The Garlic Press Chopper is a simple kitchen gadget that can chop and mince garlic with only a fraction of effort than traditional garlic press. Each garlic press is equipped with two interchangeable blades that chop or mince garlic. Simply place the garlic on the blade and push down the lid to chop the garlic. This gadget can also be used for chopping or mincing small vegetables such as red pepper as well. Two sturdy blades ensure consistent result and easy to use. Make food garnish or sauce with this garlic press. A removable filter is attached of the lid to simplify the cleaning process, a brush can be found inside the package for cleaning the filter and storage bin.

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