Guardian Thermal Suction Bottle

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Insulated thermal flask which prevents itself from tripping over by sudden force or accidental hit.

 Pick up the bottle easily by a vertical lift
Secure sliding lock on the lid which makes sure no water leakage and carefree travel
Drinking lid interior part is detachable for easy thorough cleaning
- Capacity: 450 ml
- Made of ABS + PP + Silicone | BPA Free
- 304 Stainless Steel 
- Measures 225 x 103 x 76 mm
- Package contents: 1 x bottle (assorted color)

The Guardian Thermal Suction Bottle is designed with a clever grip pad design which reduces spillage occurrence. This suction bottle protects your document or laptop from water spill. It is smartly designed with ABS silicon suction at the base which will not fall over at any angle but can be lifted easily straight up. If you accidentally knock into it, the cup will not tip over. Designed to prevent spillages on your computer, paperwork, it is also excellent for traveling. The double wall vacuum insulation also ensures effective heat resistance. 

Note: Always lift the mug vertically. Not Microwave safe. Do not place near direct fire.

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