Hip Flask Keychain

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Some things are worth taking a shot.

- Screw Down Top
- Polished and Smooth Surface
- Secure, screw-down top prevents liquid from leaking
- Surface is smooth and polished, great for getting engraved
- Suitable for Engraving
- Capacity: 30ml
- Made of Stainless Steel
- Measures 4cm x 6.5cm x 2cm

Life throws curveballs at us all the time. The challenge is not in avoiding them, but facing them head on and hitting them right out of the park. But we all know this is easier than it sounds! Sometimes when you're faced with a tricky situation, your instinct is to run. But don't! Instead, chug a shot of your favoured poison from this loyal Mini Hip Flask and summon the courage we know you have in you!

This stainless steel Hip Flask can conveniently store 1oz of liquid and comes with an attached key-chain so you can always keep it handy, wrapped around your belt loop. Makes a great 'intervention' gift for your alcoholic friend to let them know they're drinking too much. Let us warn you though, doing this could easily backfire!

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