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Icing pen

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Yummy presentation

  • Cake, cookie and pastry decorating pen
  • Easy to use pen to make creative designs
  • Simply fill colour icing in the pen, then have fun decorating everything from home made cookies to cupcakes
  • Measures 4 x 3 x 16 cms.
  • Package includes 4 bags, 2 couplers, 4 writing tips,1 universal applicator

Now decorating cakes and cookies is as easy as writing with a pen. The Icing pen is an ideal tool for decoration of home made cookies and cupcakes. It works with a standard size decorating bag and all size decorating tips. Simply fill bag with frosting, insert into pen and decorate. Ergonomic design ensures precise control and neat and clean start and stop. All frosting dispenses in the bag with light fingertip pressure.

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