Jewellery Organizer

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Keep your jewellery organized and displayed for easy choice.

- This Jewellery display stand is useful for organizing and holding earrings, necklace and bracelets.
-  It has a rotating hanger hook for jewellery display.
It can be used at home or even for commercial purposes.
- It is made from hard wearing metal with a painted gloss finish. The material is sturdier and thicker.
- The jewellery stand features 10 hanging hooks with 60 earring holes (3 rows - 20 holes each row).
- This jewellery rack can keeps your jewellery organized and tangle-free and easy to find. It suits all your needs conveniently and perfectly.
- Weighs 299 gms
- Measures 39.7 x 26.9 x 3.6 cms

Tired of finding your necklaces all messed up in your jewellery box or can't find a matching set of earrings? Well invest in one of these stunning stands and you will never have to worry again. This stylish display has 10 hanging hooks and 60 earring holes to hold all your jewellery while keeping it organized and looks very appealing no matter the surrounding- shops, boutiques or even on top of your dresser. With a rotating hanging hook, this can be hidden away in wardrobes, hung on shelves or on the back of doors.

Simple yet sophisticated, jewellery stands are fast becoming the most popular way to keep all of your jewellery organized and displayed for easy choice.

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