Kettle Lamp

Regular price Rs. 2,999.00

Care to pour some light?

  • Repurposed from a tea kettle
  • Designed and made in India
  • Kettle stands 9.5" tall including handle
  • Base diameter is 6.5" wide
  • Height including power cable is 28"
  • Fits any regular pin-type bulb 
  • Made of aluminium

There are lamps... and then there is our Kettle Lamp! Made using classic aluminium kettles, ​repurposed to brighten up any space. Designed for easy installation and to give you ample light​, they're the easiest way to transform your room into a vibrant, colourful space​! Get this kettle-shaped aluminium lamp up on the ceiling to show your classic love for tea, parties and saving mother nature.

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