Lock Alarm Heavy Duty

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Guards against the worst.

-  Ultra hard steel cable covered by armored steel links and a protective vinyl sleeve,
-  Idustrial standard high security key and lock cylinder,
-  Shrieks at 110 decibel if an attempt to cut the cable or lock unit is forced,
-  Alarm sounds just about as loud as a jet engine,
-  Steel lock casing,
-  Soft vinyl cover protects your equipment from scratches,
-  0.7m (28”) cable length,
-  Alarm will sound if cable is cut or the lock unit is forced,
-  Suitable for indoor, outdoor use and all normal weather conditions.
Battery Requirements:
-  Requires 2 x 'AAA' 1.5V pencil cells that fit into a secure tamper proof compartment.
-  1 year

You've got 'em all - cameras, security, sensors, lasers, etc., but when someone attempts robbery in Mission Impossible style, he gets away with almost everything. Except, this one.
Guarded by a rock solid lock that shrieks a super loud alarm on attempt to cut or break in, this Heavy Duty Lock Alarm is a must have for every office or home. From the Award Winning Lock Alarm family, you will love it for its resilience and brilliance at maximizing security to the extent that you can use to it protect complete buildings, gates, retail and industrial facilities, vehicles, etc. Or, when you need to secure extremely valuable items or safeguard equipment in particularly vulnerable locations this Heavy Duty Lock Alarm is the solution.
Made with ultra hard-core steel cable that is covered by ¾” in diameter armoured steel links covered by a protective vinyl sleeve to prevent scratches to your possessions. On an attempt to break in, it shrieks at an incredibly high pitch with loud siren at 110dB to safeguard you like a loyal watchman on guard (and, not asleep!) Not only while in use, but it looks so tough that even the best thief around would think twice before attempting to break in.

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