Lock Shaped Silicone Cable Tie

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Seal it tight.

- High quality silicone cable tie.
- Excellent for storage and tangle free.
- Convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.
- Made of silicone.
- Set of 3
- Available in assorted shaped and colours.
- Useful for locking food bags, sealing things tight, holding cords together etc.

The lock shaped cable ties made of premium quality silicone, a non- toxic material is food safe and conveniently seals food bags and other stuff for both indoor and outdoor use. Silicone is highly flexible so it can stretch tightly when wrapped around an item. Being ultra durable and resistant to breakage the lock shaped silicone cable ties, lock themselves and stay firmly at one place. They are tangle free and easy to remove. The silicone cable tie is not only a perfect solution for food storage but can also be used in a number of other ways. The locks are very popular in cable management and can be used to bind together the cords. You can use them to keep extension cords neat and tidy or to hold things in place.

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