Magic Chain

Regular price Rs. 999.00

The perfect way to show off a good bottle of wine, the classy way!

- The holder is a welded chain into which you insert the neck of a standard bottle of wine.
- A illusion is created that of a floating wine bottle.
- Fits most wine bottles.
- Made of Metal chain with chrome finish
- Measures: 8.5" x 8" x 5"

- Weighs: 400 g
- Makes a great gifting idea for the wine enthusiasts.

A seemingly magical wine bottle holder that balances perfectly to hold just about any wine bottle. A fantastic gift and conversation piece.

This wine bottle holder really blows people away. The illusion doesn't make sense to the human eye and looks awesome. The chain links are crafted so they hold together forever and there's really no way it can fall apart. 

It's a great gift because it's something that'll always be an attractive showpiece and get people gathered around it.

A really sweet design but it just might have you drinking more!

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