Mini Cleaning Brush

Regular price Rs. 149.00

Easily clean unreachable areas

- Small brush, can penetrate the gap, clean up the window wall corner, keyboard etc.
- Detachable design 
- Easily Clean unreachable and dirty window channels / Keyboard, household cleaning etc.
- Portable and lightweight, convenient to carry
- It features a hole for hanging
- Package Included: 1 x Cleaning Brush
- It measures 18.3 x 2 x 1.6 cm
- Made of Plastic

The Mini Cleaning Brush has various functions such as cleaning keyboard, dashboard, equipment in the car, air conditioner, etc. The faux bristle is enough to reach the nook and aperture. It's Portable and lightweight, also convenient to carry. Also, features a hole for hanging. It is convenient and practical for your car and computer. Keep your desk, tables, and windows clean all the time with this handy brush. No need to use tissues, get the vacuum or big brushes out for little clean-ups dust, dirt, and crumbs.

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