Polaroid Postcards

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A great way to say "Thank You"

  • A better gesture than one can express online
  • Fits a picture into a polaroid looking frame
  • Leave a note behind and post it
  • Pack of 6

Did you know that if you put a letter in a mailbox someone will pick it up and deliver it? Yes, a real life person. It's true. We've seen it happen.

Seriously though, in this day and age it's extra special to get something in the mail. Because you can flickr-tumblr-facebook-whatever a photo all you'd like; but if you really want to wow somebody, give them something they can hold. Like a Polaroid Postcard (or Polapost) frame.

Polaposts turn regular photos into mailable Polaroid prints by fitting them fashionably snug inside an iconic white bordered sleeve. A built-in seal keeps your print from slipping out and a writable backside makes for easy message scribbling. Just snip your photos to fit, slip 'em inside then send them on their way. Instant happy!

Once received, your Polapost shows all the charming wear and tear of a well-traveled friend with stories to tell.

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