Pop and go bag

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Pop, Load, and Go!
- Great for groceries, laundry, cleaning supplies, and more!

- Made of extra durable, rip resistant nylon
- Holds up to 40 lbs
- Large frame and non-slip base keep from tumbling and toppling over
- Zippered pocket for coupons & valuables
- Weighs 649 g
- Measures 45.7 x 33 x 5.3 cms

Pop Bag! The only reusable shopping tote that instantly pops open! Then folds flat in a snap... for quick and easy storage. The secret is the ingenious Pop-Hinge design that securely locks the reinforced steel frame into place for structured storage. That means Pop Bag stays sturdy and strong when going from the cart... to car... to kitchen. Unloading groceries has never been easier! But it's not just for groceries... now you can replace that big, bulky laundry basket. And Pop Bag is the perfect caddy to keep cleaning supplies neat and organized under your sink, in the garage, and even the trunk of your car. The possibilities are endless! Just Pop... load... and go... it's the clever way to carry things away! It is made from extra durable, rip-resistant nylon -it's the same material used for parachutes! It's guaranteed to never rip! Plus, it's extra-large frame, reinforced bottom, and no-slip base keep it from tumbling and toppling over. Flimsy cloth tote bags... no so much. One bag can hold up to a whopping 40 pounds! Never be stuck with a flimsy shopping bag again! Don't feel like bringing your purse inside the store? It comes with a convenient zippered pocket for your wallet, cell phone, and coupons! So whether it's a trip to the grocery store or a family road trip down the shore, just pop... load... and go. 
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