Rechargeable Juicer Blender

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Make fresh smoothies and juices on the go...

  • Rechargeable juicer with in-built power bank
  • Stainless steel blade makes a quick cup of juice in 1 minute
  • Great for smoothies, juices, shakes, etc.
  • 2000 mAh lithium battery standard USB charging port
  • Capacity is 380 ml
  • Made of food grade materials
  • Working current is 10 - 12A
The portable juice blender is lightweight and great for making your own fresh fruit juice, smoothies, shakes, etc. A high quality stainless steel blade with its strong power ensures fast mixing of fruit and vegetable varieties for fresh juice preparation. The blender has an in-built power bank with which you can charge your phone. The blender is safe to use and easy to clean. Due to its electromagnetic induction, the power turns off once the product is disassembled and the base is separated from the body therefore while cleaning the blade do not rotate even it you touch the switch.
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