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Repel-Aide Electronics Screen Cleaner

Regular price Rs. 999.00

Make your Glass or Plastic screens Static & Dust free!

  • Specially formulated for multiple surface types from screen, lenses, LCD to plasma
  • Helps prevent dust build-up on your favourite gaming consoles and electronics
  • Easily applied for a durable, long lasting invisible coating
  • Ideal for Retail stores, Hospitals, Schools, Offices & Home
  • Use it on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone, Computer Screens & More!
Usage Instructions:
  • Spray directly onto LCD screen or onto a clean, dry microfiber cloth
  • Wipe clean using a firm, circular and overlapping motion
  • Wipe off and buff with the included clean, dry microfiber cloth
  • For best results, use included microfiber cloth
  • Do not use a paper towel
Repel-Aide Anti Static is the perfect solution for cleaning large LCD's and televisions. With the anti-static formula it has never been easier to clean and protect your high-end electronics. The added bonus of the anti-static shield helps prevent dust build up on all electronics keeping them cleaner longer. 

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