Rifle Umbrella

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Be a shooter in the rain!

- Fashioned after a rifle, this incredibly awesome umbrella comes complete with a realistic gun stock handle, trigger, barrel tip and gun sight.
- Pull the trigger and the umbrella pops open
- The thick waterproof PG cloth and strong fiberglass ribs will create the perfect defense against heavy rain and strong winds
- Here’s an umbrella every one must have. Carry it in style, open in style and stay protected from the rain in style.
- A great and unique birthday gift!
- Color: Black
- Package Contents: 1 x Umbrella

Bang! There goes the rain. We’d be surprised if it messed with you again, but if it does just pull the trigger and the canopy shoots out and into action. Some things are cool and geeky, but could potentially get you into a spot of trouble. Like this Rifle Umbrella. It’s probably not a good idea to use this near any policemen or at the airport. But if you like holding your umbrella with the butt end of a rifle then by all means, check this umbrella out. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. *THIS IS NOT A GUN*

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