Ring Stent

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Universal 360° Phone Ring Stent 

- It has a safe grip to prevent dropping your device and controls it while you are operating the phone and taking pictures
- 3-in-1 design, phone grip, tablet holder, car mount holder, 360 degree rotation
- Made of Stainless Steel.
- Please get a back screen guard and then stick the stand.
- Adjust ring stand angles to watch YouTube or Movies with Smartphones and Tablets. Strong adhesive on Smartphones and Tablets. No sticky residue after detaching. Reuse pad by washing with water
- You can attach the phone ring grip to any smartphones and tablets with a flat and non-textured rear surface
- Weighs 18.1 g
- Measures 17 x 1.2 x 9.1 cm 

Ring Stent can be used as a kickstand for your phone. A perfect solution to place your mobile phone anywhere you want! Watch videos, listen to music, make a video call or use it as an alarm clock. Place it on your office desk, the kitchen counter, next to your bed, and so on and so forth.

Ergonomic grip design makes your phone an 'extension' to your body. It provides a sense of security when you're actively using it. For safe handsfree use of your phone, a car mount is included. A simple but perfect solution for GPS navigation, streaming music to your car radio or making hands-free calls. It's very easy to use the car mount, just hook the Ring Stent to it to place your phone and unhook it to remove your phone. 

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