Roller Cutter

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Makes chopping fun, quick and easy.

  • Hand held roller cutting knife decreases your wrist pressure
  • Makes chopping easy
  • Ideal for Slicing, mincing and dicing
  • Great for veggies, pastas, breads, steaks, sandwiches, pizzas, etc.
  • Roll knife back and forth to cut
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Has a protection cover
  • Made of ABS plastic with a stainless steel blade
The Roller Blade knife is a device that combines a knife and wheel. The combination of both allows you to roll the knife back and forth to cut practically anything extremely fast compared to a normal knife. Not only does the knife roll, but the metal of the blade slides within' the plastic grip of the knife so you never have to actually roll the knife with your wrist, but instead the knife continuously rolls that makes it much easier on your hand, arm and wrist to cut things.
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