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S-KROSS World Adapter

Regular price Rs. 2,349.00

Adapter & USB Charger for Travellers from India to over 150 countries.

- Use Indian 3- Pin plug on your travels
- Specially designed for Indian plugs 
- This adapter is suitable for all earthed and unearthed 2- & 3- pole and all USB devices. Amongst others for the following: 


- Suitable for equipment with earthed and unearthed plugs (2- and 3- pole)
- Receptacles for: Switzerland, Italy, Australia/China, UK, USA, Europe (Schuko & 2-Pol Euro)
- Dual USB-Top for charging two USB Devices  simultaneously 
- Retractable plugs: Switzerland, Italy, Australia/China, UK, USA, Europe (Schuko)
- Input voltage: 100V - 250V 
- Max.load:10A
- Power rating: e.g. at 110V  - 1100W / 220V - 2200W
- Integrated fuse
- USB output: 5V / 1000mA
- Color: White
- Weighs 150 g


Adapter incl. USB top: L 64 mm x W 51 mm x H 57 mm

This new version of the world adapter from S-KROSS for travellers from India to more than 150 countries is equipped additionally with a powerful USB charger. Therefore appliances with Indian plug standard can be connected as well as USB devices can be charged worldwide at the electrical socket. 

Ships in 2 business days.

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