Seal-a-Bag - Bag Sealer

Regular price Rs. 999.00

Quick and easy sealing of any food or garbage bag!

  • Maintain freshness in food and reduce odor in garbage
  • It's ideal for small retail businesses, like bakeries.
  • Measures 200 mm x 150 mm x 30 mm
  • Made of ABS Plastic
  • Weighs 300 gms
Seal-a-bag is a discrete and versatile solution to a common kitchen problem able to seal all bags from freezer to bin bags.

Tightly twist the neck of any bag and then push the neck of the bag down through the slot on the Seal-a-bag, the bag is now sealed. It's capable of sealing all kinds of plastic bags from everyday food bags to garbage and diaper bags, or in the kitchen, workshop and nursery. Capable of sealing all sizes of bags from freezer bags to bin bags.It's also great for sealing pet litter bags or pet "walking" bags to seal in the odor. Suitable for 9mm and 12mm wide tape (not included- to be bought separately from a local store). Use the Seal-a-bag mounted on a wall, or inside a kitchen unit. The Seal-a-bag is incredibly easy to use.

The ease of use makes the Seal-a-bag ideal for anyone who suffers with arthritis or other problems affecting dexterity.

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