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Skinny Self Stir Mug

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Spin in your Drinks.

- Plastic Self-Stirring Mug Cup and Ultimate Chocolate Milk Mixer.
- Built-in mixer automatically mixes drinks with the press of a button.
- Features a Spill-Proof Design with its snug-fit sip-top lid.
- Perfect for mixing juices, cocktails, coffees, teas, protein shakes and formulas
- Works magic with all syrup or powder-based drinks. Nylon mixing Whisk is safe 
- Easy to clean - durable plastic

Now preparing your favourite Chocolate Shake or Cold Coffee can be fun and total excitement. Watch a tornado whirl in the Mug, blend and mix the contents to perfection, with just the perfect consistency. The cool Skinny Moo Self Stirring Mug acts as a mixer to stir your drinks without lifting a muscle. You can use it for stirring any powdered drinks and have fun looking at the drinks with just a push of a button. You can immediately drink from the mug after the stir and there is a lid to prevent spillage. There is also a hole to poke in your straw. Kids can also grip it with their little hands because of its design. It runs on 2 AAA size batteries. 

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