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Skull Decanter

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Skull your poison!

  • Made from glass with a cork stopper,
  • Ideal for spirits and liqueurs,
  • Great house-warming for the home bar,
  • Ideal for morbidly themed parties or personalities,
  • Hand wash only,
  • Holds 550 ml of spirit

Some scientists say that drinking liquor reduces the size of the grey matter, hence reducing your brain’s functions. Whatever the theory put that aside as you reach for the hard stuff from this Skull decanter.

This spirit head decanter revives the gruesome tradition that drinking from the skull of your enemy gives you power. This is no longer fashionable in our “civilized” society, however the skull decanter will provide a good talking point and impress friends and terrify enemies! Ok, it may not grant you the power of life or death but you may feel you’re playing the role of a villain in a Bond movie!

This Brain Decanter makes a quirky addition to your home bar. Fill it up and enjoy a stiff one! Ensure your party doesn't become the night of the living dead!

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