Soap Opera - Dish Scrubber Holder

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A Fashionable & Adorable Dish Scrubber Holder shaped like an Opera Singer

  • It looks like a little lady singing in the bathtub, and whatever sort of scrubber you use becomes her hair
  • Keep going for several different hairstyles, each new scrubber changes her look
  • Because everyone has a dish scrubber and no one has a good place to put it
  • Made of Plastic and Stainless Steel
    Measures 11 x 6 x 9 cm
  • Scrubbers not included
  • Package Contents-1 x Soap Opera Scrubber Holder
Our diva won’t do the dishes for you, but she sure wants to help! This lovely little bath singer will hold your scrubber. No need to go to a hair salon – you can change her style by switching to a different scrubber. So don’t be shy, hum along!

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