Dancing Girl- Sound Sensitive Woman's Electro T-shirt

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Dance dance T-shirt revolution
  • Luminescent motif on the T-shirt is battery powered and grooves to the surrounding music
  • Powered by slim pencil (AAA) cells
  • Batteries are hidden in a small pocket in the T-shirt
  • Battery pack can also be attached on your belt
  • Simple to washable (Hand wash only)
  • Suitable to use indoor and outdoor
  • Light weight, soft and comfortable to wear
  • Sensor can be tuned as per the ambient sound level
  • Women's Medium: 62 x 43 cms (Length x Chest)
  • Women's Large: 63 x 45 cms (Length x Chest)
  • 4 x 1.5V ‘AAA’ (Slim pencil cells, not included)
  • Unplug the battery box prior to washing
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Medium iron on reverse side of panel
  • Flat dry in shade
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not crease the light panel or wire
  • Avoid stretching or pulling the wire
  • Avoid wetting the T-shirt when 'On' or with batteries inserted
  • Don't wash the wire, keep it away from water

All set to raise the standard of the technofile clubber, this is the mother of all women's party tops. Whether you're into style, genetic music or just an EDM junkie, this party top will make heads turn your way.

The figure on the top panel dances to the beat as soon as the sound comes on. Unlike other high fashion tops this one is foldable and washable just like any other T-shirt and you won't have to worry about the electronics. A clever mini battery pack is hidden in a small pocket just inside the hem with an onboard toggle switch. Actually a sound sensitive electronic patch that will light up on the T-Shirt and animate to the beat in the club.

Watch the figure on the tee panel dance to the beat as soon as it listens to the music. Unlike other hi-fi t-shirts this one is foldable and washable like any other T-shirt.

With sophisticated technology we have upgraded the panels to make the T-Shirt look light and soft, making it light weight. Its moves more spirited and agile. This one is a hit amongst regular clubbers worldwide.

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