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Super portable towel - workout

Regular price Rs. 749.00

  • Perfect gym, yoga, sports, workout, functional training, walks and running, 
  • Quick Drying and Super Absorbent
  • Ultralight and Compact
  • Silver Ion Technology
  • Antibacterial and Odourless
  • Giant: 120 cm x 75cm  ( Perfect for workouts)
  • Towel Weight - Just around 3.5oz
  • Smart Silicone Case which fits in your hand, making it super portable to carry

We've all grown up with the usual cotton towels at home, but our Super Portable Towel is nothing like what is already out there. The custom made fabric make the towel super compact with no compromise on size.

 The Best Part: It's as slim as butter paper making it Ultra Slim and Packable.

 How is it different from other quick-drying towels?

Quick-drying towels in the Market have a suede feel which is uncomfortable to the skin. The suede feels towels don't feel good and it gets irritating after a few days. Our custom made microfiber fabric is super comfortable to skin and does not have suede feel. It is super friendly and comfortable to skin. It is Super absorbent  and dries even quicker.

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